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Are you the one in your team that makes it work? Bravo, you have the opportunity to become the captain of your team.

You are not sure how to motivate friends or family members for Tough Mudder? We'll give you a few suggestions:

Prepare for Tough Mudder once a week, after which you go with your friends on a well-deserved drink.

Za Tough Mudder 5K Urban ne moraš biti fit, ali ako ipak želiš biti spreman pogledaj našu “Couch to 5KFor Tough Mudder 5K Urban you do not have to be fit, but if you still want to be ready, take a look at our website, we have prepared a training plan for you. Believe us, it is never too late to start...NEVER!

... and you don't plan on getting up at 7 am to come to a sports event? Or just the other way around, you like to run in the morning to be free in the afternoon? No problem, and we have solved it; choose the start time that suits you. We have start times every 15 minutes till 4 p.m sve do 16 sati startamo 😊

To Tough Mudder 5K Urban! We promise the best fun after the challenge!

The Tough Mudder 5K Urban is the perfect challenge that will be a great motivation for training.

There is nothing better than a deserved cold beer after the challenge

You got another excuse?

If even this does not help you to gather your team, we have a solution for you!  Select one of the public teams in the drop-down menu and choose the coolest name that you like and team up with people with whom you will have unforgettable moments!


You don't have a team and you're going alone to Tough Mudder 5K Urban? Tough Mudder 5K UrbanThat's a great idea. Buy a ticket, register and come to Bundek. 

If you want, we can connect you with other individuals who also want to start as a team.

Ne brini ako nisi fit Don't worry if you're not fit, because at Tough Mudder everyone helps everyone. The idea is to help others, both friends and strangers. And do you know what's best in the whole story? You will meet new friends and celebrate after tackling the obstacles with DJ, food and drinks! What's your excuse now? 💪

Koji je tvoj izgovor sad?💪


Your team from the office is a real team on all projects? You like challenges and solve them without problems? There is no situation you can't predict and solve? We have a challenge for you .... Tough Mudder 5K Urban!

The obstacles that are on the 5 Km course are obstacles you need to conquer with brainpower. Show us that you and your office team are the best in solving challenges and winning our obstacles. And don't forget ... once again you show that you are a very resourceful, smart and wise business team and you're gonna celebrate that with festival entertainment and the finest deserved beer and food.

What are you waiting for?

Some of the companies that will participate as a team building team at Bundek

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