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Charity Fundraising

Tough Mudder Adria Supports Charitable Giving.

5 on 5 for a warmer home

Participants of the Tough Mudder Challenge are people who move boundaries in a positive direction. Not only are they brave and accept challenges outside their comfort zone, but have a big heart.

Did you know that there are children in Croatia who need at least 10 meters of firewood to heat their homes over the winter?

Tough Mudder Adria will cooperate with the Mali Zmaj Society to provide firewood for 35 families and their children throughout Croatia. From each ticket sold we donate 5kn towards the purchase of firewood, which will be delivered with the help of Mali Zmaj to the 35 families. By buying a ticket for Tough Mudder 5K Urban at Bundek you too are helping the families in need.

"Mali Zmaj" Society began as a small project of a few friends who wanted to help as many children as possible, and soon started to reach a wider number of people.
After several minor but successful fundraisers, which were informal, there was a need for a NGO registration and a more serious approach. Society for improving the quality of life of poor and abandoned children "MALI ZMAJ" - Zagreb was opened on July 14, 2010. «MALI ZMAJ» – Zagreb je otvoreno 14. srpnja 2010. godine.

Today, permanent projects and workshops are being organised and more than 500 children are being help throughout Croatia. 

Their biggest goal is to help children understand that poverty is not something we should reconcile. In addition to material help, they also work to improve the quality of children's free time.

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