Event je odgodjen zbog novonastale situacije sa COVID-19. Uskoro stižu nove informacije.


Once you buy your ticket through our website or via Eventim outlets, fulfill the registration form in which you will create your own team and choose your desired starting time of your team. Team members can join the team created up to 10 days before the event.

Na Tough Mudderu mogu sudjelovati osobe koje su napunile 14 godina. U svakom slučaju, svatko tko ima manje od 14 godina ne može sudjelovati, ali 13-godišnji sudionik može se prijaviti prije navršene 14 godine, pod uvjetom da je napunio 14 do dana eventa.
VAŽNO: Maloljetnici u dobi od 14 do 18 godina mogu sudjelovati dok trče s pratiteljem koji je stariji od 18 godina i sudjeluje u poligonu. Maloljetnici se moraju prijaviti sa svojim pratiteljima na dan događaja. Ako ste maloljetnik ili pratitelj, kliknite ovdje da biste pročitali sve uvjete za sudjelovanje u Tough Mudderu kao maloljetnik.

Da, maloljetnici koji sudjeluju na Tough Mudderu moraju imati potpisanu izjavu od strane svih legalnih skrbnika. Svaki maloljetnik bez potpisane izjave NEĆE MOĆI SUDJELOVATI NA POLIGONU.

Pratitelj može imati najviše dva maloljetnika pod njihovim nadzorom za događaj. Na primjer, ako dovedete troje maloljetnika, trebat će vam dva pratitelja.

Na svim Tough Mudder eventima u Europi.

Da, svi sudionici trebaju ponijeti dokument sa slikom na dan događaja.

Nažalost, ne. Za prijavu ti treba pratnja odrasle osobe, ukoliko je nemaš, ne možeš se prijaviti.

Svaki maloljetni sudionik mora imati pratitelja koji ima 18 ili više godina i također sudjeluje na događaju. Njihov pratilac ne mora biti njihov zakonski skrbnik. Gledatelj ne može pratiti maloljetnika koji sudjeluje.

Yes, you can join the existing team. If a registered team is registered as a public, anyone can join that team, and if the team is registered as a private one, then only those people who know the name of that team can join.  

Yes of course. No one is forcing you to be part of a team, but if you decide on the event you want to be part of a team, you always will have the opportunity to join one.

Da. Možeš dodavati članove u svoj tim dok god ima dostupnih ulaznica.

The start time of your team is the time when you and your team start the challenge. For example, if your team's start time is at 10:00, it means your warm-up starts at 10:00.

We advise you to come to the event 45 minutes to an hour before your start time, in order to have time to check-in, bagdrop and arrive to the warm up zone 10 minutes before starting the challenge. If you're late on your team's last call, you'll get a "Stand by" sticker and wait for the next available start wave.

That. Your starting time / start time for your team will be sent to you about 10 days before the event date. Make sure you bring your ticket and ID.

All B2B Team members need to be registered individually, so everyone can get start time with all other information via e-mail. If this email did not arrive, please contact your team's captain to confirm your start time.

If you have registered as a team you will receive the same start time.

That. A limited number of tickets will be available on the day of the event.

A limited number of participants can be at the polygon tt the same time so we can provide a carefree and safe event. For this reason we can not meet all the desired starting times of each team, but you can be sure that you will start the challenge and run together with your teammates.

If you arrive early: we have a standby area where you can wait. If there are places available,you can begin the challenge with the first coming starting a wave of participants, but we can not guarantee that you will start before your start time.

If you arrive late: If the last wave of participants has not yet started the challenge and the course is still open, we will have available standby space, but only the starting time that we can guarantee you is the end of day, because first we have to let the participants who have been given start times to start the challenge.

This is a space where participants who are late for their start time or want to start as a team wait until the first start wave of participants begins. The wait time will be short, we will ensure that you start with your team as soon as possible.

All Tough Mudder 5K Urban's participants can run the challenge, a photo of their team, T-shirt and the most important, headband after the end of the obstacle course. And of course, a deserved cold drink for everyone who comes to the finish line.  

You have to take your shirt, headband and refreshing drink on the day of the event. Tough Mudder can not send them later.

Tough Mudder is not a race, nor is it about getting a better time than other competitors, so it's fine by us if you want to skip an obstacle. The way we see it, you are there to have fun and challenge yourself. If you think a particular obstacle really isn't going to do this for you, just go around it - without a penalty or shame.

Tough Mudder 5K Urban is not a race but a challenge. We have created this event so that people can try great obstacles and enjoy the friendship and teamwork that is part of Tough Mudder - do not worry about your time.

And if you want to skip an obstacle? No problem, we want you to feel comfortable. There is no penalty for passing the obstacle, and you will still get your headband and shirt.

Although there is no time limit to complete the Tough Mudder Challenge, all participants who have not reached the mark halfway to a certain time (this will be determined by remaining daylight and other security measures) will be referred to the shortened route.

The average time to move the Tough Mudder 5K Urban challenge is about 1-2 hours.

The course can be run several times ONLY on Tough Mudder Classic events.

The event starts on Friday at 16:00 and on Saturday at 9:00. Please come at least 45 minutes before your official start time, which we will email you 1-2 weeks before the event.

Absolutely - running in a team is part of the whole party! Make sure that you register as a team (you will find the procedure in this FAQ) and select the start time just to make sure that you run together.

You team can be as big as you want. We have no minimum or maximum team size. So recruit some teammates.

Of course! Spectators of Tough Mudder 5K Urban are coming in for free. No sign-up required for viewers.

The sticker with your number will be given to you at the check-in site. Make sure you bring a document with your photo to ensure the application process goes as smooth as possible.

Once you have completed the challenge and reach the finish line, you will get your finisher shirt and 5K headband.
You have to pick them up on the day of the event, Tough Mudder won't send them by post.

No. The party after the event is included in the ticket price.

The captain of the team can pay for the whole team (eg. Companies that want to pay for their employees) or just a friend. However, it is not a requirement, but if you prefer to pay for each individual ticket per person, you can do it.

1. Visit our website and click "buy tickets"
2. Follow the transaction instructions
3. Pick the number of tickets you want to buy and fill the registration form to create your team and pick your start time.

You can take your phone with you, but it is at your own risk. Tough Mudder can not be held liable for any lost or damaged electronic devices.

Yes, there is a bag drop at the event, it is meant only for participants. 

Note: Tough Mudder is not responsible for lost / stolen things. The participants' responsibility is to pick up their belongings after the event.

  • Your ticket
  • ID/Passport

    Put on comfortable sports clothes that you would wear to run or in the gym and a good pair of sneakers. You will not get muddy so you do not have to wear spare clothes or towels.

    As the event happens outdoors, a spare jacket or long sleeve shirt could come in handy.

Our event is located not far from the city center, so you can easily use public transport to get to Bundek and Savski nasip. You can find more information on our website.

Parking places will not be organized by the Tough Mudder 5K Urban event. Local parking is available but your responsibility is to find a parking space if needed.

All events in the Tough Mudder 'Challenge Series" are not racing. Tough Mudder events are a personal challenge and the goal is to simply finish the course. There is no time measurement and we try to avoid using the word "race" when describing our events. These are the main principles of our philosophy and our promise.

For people interested in competition, we have competitive series like Tougher Mudder, Toughest Mudder and World's Toughest Mudder Event. More about the types of Tough Mudder events can be found on our website. Event events are not currently available in our region. On Tough Mudder global sites you can find the competitive event series.

The course is about 5 kilometers long.

More than 10 obstacles are waiting for you throughout the course.

There will be no showers nor locker rooms at the event, but you will not get too dirty or wet.

We are located on one of the best places in the city, where we can not dig a hole and fill it with mud or water. So, no, our obstacles will not get you muddy or wet - that means you can sit in a bus or train for a home without worrying about the event. The only thing we can not influence is the weather, if it rains, It would be good to bring extra clothes.

We are very pleased that you want to show your support, but do not allow use of our logo for personal posters, T-shirts or other materials. We love the enthusiasm Tough Mudder fans, but we must still keep control over the use of our logo and other intellectual property. This way you will be sure that when you see something ours, you can be sure that this is the real deal!

Not. It is not allowed to bring your own food or alcohol to the event. However, food and drinks will be available for sale at the event. All participants will get one drink free of charge after the challenge as part of their registration.

Unfortunately, after start time allocation, it is not possible to change start times.

Unfortunately no. We do not make any refunds, regardless of circumstances, or give partial refunds, according to company policy and the terms each participant agreed upon during registration.

However, we offer the ability to transfer your application to another event if you can not participate. Contact customer service at [email protected] to transfer your registration.

Tough Mudder is always looking for intelligent and innovative people who are ready for teamwork. You can contact us at [email protected]


In Tough Mudder is not about how to get to the finish line before your friends, but it's fine if you want to bypass an obstacle. As we see it, you are here to have fun and experience the true meaning of success at the end of the course. If you think that an obstacle is not for you, just skip it - there's nothing wrong with that. If you skip the obstacle just to improve your time, we think that you're just fooling yourself. You paid to come to the challenge - why would you skip it then?

You can skip any obstacle you don't feel comfortable with.

Ovdje Here you can see some of the best and most iconic obstacles created by Tough Mudder. This will give you a good insight into the obstacles awaiting you on the day of the event. We can not guarantee that all obstacles will be at all events, but the ones you will experience will take your breath away!


When we construct our challenging obstacles, safety is the top priority in the Tough Mudder. Experts are involved in every step of the creation process in order to guarantee your safety.

Tough Mudder has over 100 employees with experience in such events, including over 20 full-time employees who together have more than 75 years of expertise in providing security and mass events for organisations such as the Olympics, FIFA, USA Triathlon, New York Road Runners, USTA, PGA Tour, World Rugby Championship, IMG and many more.

If you need assistance during the event, you will find security personnel on the spot, with medical professionals, including paramedics, water carriers and emergency personnel, to ensure that your needs are met.

At each event we provide a sufficient number of medical staff located along the course.

First aid will be available everywhere around the course. Please contact the staff at the event if you want to find out more about where they will be located.

All Tough Mudder events there are water stations and medical staff at different places around the course.

Yes. Upon arrival on the event, you must sign a statement, among other things, to participate in Tough Mudder. You are exposed to certain risks, including that you may get injured. For legal reasons, we advise you to read and understand the statement before signing it on the day of the event.

Tough Mudder events will take place regardless of weather conditions. To clarify, we will never cancel the event solely due to weather conditions. However, if weather conditions make the track unsafe or affect the ability of medical and security teams to help the participants, there is an option to postpone the event, and all participants are going to be timely informed.


It's never too early or too late to start training. For Tough Mudder 5K Urban you do not need any special training, but if you want to train, we have training guides. Tough Mudder events are designed to test the overall condition. You will also need mental stamina to complete the challenge and overcome the obstacles and of course your team with you. Na našoj web stranicOn our website and social media pages, you can download our tips on how to prepare for the Tough Mudder 5K Urban event.

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